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Analyzing Bloodwork Can Be Complex

We made it simple. 
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Functional Medicine Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet.

*Access to the Functional Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet

*Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (note: This Excel sheet only works with Excel 2010 and NEWER versions. 

*Pre-programmed formulas based on functional ranges for over 60 analytes!

*Common explanations for high and low results

*Includes short "how-to" video instructions
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See what these docs had to say...

About the Bloodwork Cheat Sheet!

Dr. Jennifer

You just saved me over 100 hours!

I had been trying to compile a list of functional bloodwork ranges for some time, but never got around to making it a working and useful document. The Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet is easy to customize and navigate, and saves time with every set of labs I order!

Dr. Jennifer L., Boulder, CO

Makes diagnosis easier! 

I love that you included, right in the Excel spreadsheet, common reasons why someone would fall outside of functional ranges!  Not only does it save time, seeing those reasons (without having to look things up one at a time) has allowed me to see patterns and find answers faster.   It has been great in helping patients to understand their bloodwork (and health issues) better.

Dr. Robert F., Madison, WI
Dr. Robert F
Dr. Michelle

Patient Understanding & Compliance!

WOW! The Cheat Sheet is worth 10x more than what I paid! I expected it to save time. What I didn't anticipate was how fantastic it is to help patients understand their bloodwork (and health issues) better. Patients understand my concerns, are more compliant with my recommendations, and actually ASK ME as to when they can do their follow-up panels!

Dr. Michelle G., St. Petersburg, FL

Bloodwork Analysis is Complex

How long does it take you to analyze a patient's bloodwork using functional ranges?
Your time isn't free!

  • Functional Wellness patients often have multiple chronic health issues, making their labs even more complex
  • Lab reference ranges don't identify sub-clinical or emerging health issues
  • Lab reference ranges don't align with functional/optimal/ranges
  • ​It's time consuming to look-up functional bloodwork ranges

There's a BETTER way!

  • Save time and money
  • Identify emerging health trends before they evolve into chronic disease
  • ​Monitor chronic disease and response to treatment
  • Increase patient comprehension and compliance
  • Analyze bloodwork of "healthy" patients for a PROACTIVE (not reactive) approach
The Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet makes analyzing bloodwork through a Functional Wellness lens SIMPLE!

The Excel spreadsheet is PRE-PROGRAMMED with formulas based on optimal FUNCTIONAL ranges to EASILY identify high and low results.  It also includes common explanations for highs and lows to save even more time!

The Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet allows you (or a trusted staff member) to enter patient lab results for over SIXTY (60) analytes, including:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Iron Panel
  • ​Lipid Panel
  • ​Comprehensive Thyroid Panel (11 tests)
  • ​Miscellaneous Tests including nutrients and inflammatory markers
The Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet is editable and customizable for your needs!  Follow the instructions on the instructions tab, or follow along using the quick how-to video that is included with your purchase.

Patients will be impressed with your comprehensive analysis and explanation.  YOU can help their bloodwork make sense to them and explain the symptoms their "regular" doctor couldn't explain.  This understanding will increase patient compliance with your recommendations and confidence in your knowledge.

As you use the Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet over time, patients will be able to TRACK their results, reinforcing patient compliance and the efforts of your office!

Does this sound familiar...?

I used to get stressed out when patients gave me a copy of their bloodwork! 

In my first ten years in practice, bloodwork was not something I actively discussed with patients.  Instead, I would refer them back to their PCP. 
  • I wasn't confident in my ability to see anything different in their labs than was already noted.
  • I knew it would take a lot of time to "dig deeper," and that was time I didn't have.
  • When I began to incorporate Functional Wellness into my practice, it could take me well over an HOUR to go through a CBC and CMP!
I began to create my own spreadsheet, based on my Functional Medicine education, data I gathered, and my clinical experience...
Dr. Kelley Mulhern, MS, DC, MPH 
Functional Wellness Practitioner

I decided to "Work Smarter, Not Harder!"

Over the years, I've changed and revised the spreadsheet DOZENS of times to make it easy and more useful.  Other Functional Medicine practitioners began asking for a copy when they saw how simple it was...and how much patients liked it.

I've spent over 500 hours researching, creating, revising, and formatting this Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet!

YOU can take advantage of all of my time and effort!  

Bloodwork Analysis


1. Have your staff member open the Excel file, save a copy under the patient's name, and enter their lab results.

2. Once completed, you will see at-a-glance what values are high or low using a functional/optimal/ideal range!

3. You can review the common explanations for highs/lows to see what makes the most sense for this particular patient.
Become the "go-to" Functional Wellness doc in your area!

Don't waste your valuable time recreating the wheel!  
CHOOSE to "Work smarter, not harder!"

Use this Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet to:
  • Identify emerging health concerns...
  • Monitor chronic disease...
  • ​Guide clinical decision-making...
  • ​Track changes over time...
  • ​Educate patients...
  • ​Increase your confidence...
  • ​Increase patient compliance and patient referrals!

Don't waste one more second of your valuable time!

The more time you save on analysis, the more time you can spend helping your patients!

Here's What You Get...

Get YOUR Functional Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet NOW!

You can start saving precious time immediately!

  • Instant access to the Functional Bloodwork Analysis Cheat Sheet!
  • An Excel spreadsheet with pre-programmed formulas based on functional ranges for over 60 analytes!
  • A brief "how-to" video to help you get started right away!
  • Common explanations for test results that are outside of optimal / ideal / functional ranges (highs and lows)!
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